Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is similar to Illustrator as they feature some similar features, but there are different tools, in photoshop, we put pictures on top of each other, and added effects, we learned to use a mask layer, how to make a brush, and to use the free transform tool.

These are pictures made using the magic wand tool/greenscreen, it selects the part of the image that has a drastically different color. You can change the tolerance (higher means more pixels get selected, lower means less)

This is a picture of Keanu Reeves, a famous actor, but with his facial features replaced with a dog. I used the mask tool to pick and choose certain parts that I wanted to keep and others I didn't want to keep.

I learned to use the free transform tool to flip, rotate, and change the size of images. The bird is put on a picture of a mirror, flipped, and put inside the mirror so that it looks like the bird is looking at itself in the mirror.

Using the quick selection tool, I selected Elon Musk, and moved him onto the height measurement in a mugshot, this was pretty simple, but there was still space to be creative.

This was a project I found on a website, I just followed the directions, but the images I chose weren't optimal. It still looks pretty decent, but it could look better if I knew which images to choose. It's a combination of two pictures of a forest, using the mask tool, I made it look like you are looking between two trees into a forest.